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  • Brian Hill  If you drive for Lyft or Sidecar anywhere the Unites States follow these directions.  ..."Brian Hill referred me his code is "rdqgq" without the quotes.  I am a Lyft or side car driver and I am signing up to drive for the $500 reward. What's next?" Create an account using  and to write in from the email address they use to sign u p.
    December 12
  • Mike Farris From the Desk of Mike Farris... Helping people Reach Their Goals... TODAY ONLY...
    6 hours ago
  • Brian Hill The Mission   of the BOSS is to serve others using technology to add value and bring us face to face. My goal is to provide A Solution That Supports YOU   gaining more branding, marketing traffic sales and ROI What can the BOSS do for your Business?   Website Design –   Build the website, manage the content and asset you with Social Media Branding   Domain Names –   Claim your own corner of the Web   Web Hosting & Storage –   We keep your site up & running 24/7   Security and SEO Optimization –   Improve your site's availability and security   Business & Marketing Solutions –   Everything you need to sell online   Email & Productivity – ************************************************************************************************************ Without Smash I waste valuable time trying to manage my networks in Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter because the number is in the thousands. I could not effectively manage them without Smash.   All my personal, professional, and community engagements and connections go through the Smash Solutions System. Smash Solutions and I relationship started July 2012.   I am never leaving this new way of processing, managing information and inspiring others to do the same for themselves or their businesses. Come join us and you will not regret that decision. This is not a fad. Need to learn to Fudnraise for your non Proft Organizations? Utilize Smash Solutions tools.   This is one of Google's new competitors in the market place. Smash Solutions (in its own way) is where Google was as a search engine company, 10 years ago. Look at the impact Google has had on the world. Join us now or you will be looking at us later, and saying to yourself, wow, why didn't I see this and act on this back in 2014 when Smash began in 2012.   I am not a technical wizard I see it. I liken this decision to stick with Smash Solutions, to a decision I made when I was 18 years old. It was when I decided to get married 37 in 1977. I know I made the right decision because God helped us to sustain those decision again and again and again! He has never been wrong ,therefore this post is not a testimony so you can agree with me. It is simply my conviction of clarity with what I know works for me and what will work in the market place.  
    July 20
  • Bill Schall Great webinar with Dubli.  Looks like a fantastic opportunity.
    October 25
  • James Nolen Awesome Bowling Night!
    March 2
  • Jerry Ulrich Happy Birthday Mom! Although yesterday was spent driving home and I was not able to jump on Facebook to wish you a happy birthday, it was not because I was not wanting to.  The world deserves to know the incredible gift of a woman you are and the mother you have been to your kids. Although life has not always dealt us the easiest of hands, it has dealt us the opportunity to grow with amazing life situations and an abundance of unconditional love.  On your seventieth birthday I hope you know that you are the definition of unconditional love, perseverance, hard work and the essence of angelic beauty.  Your divinity has inspiring and although you attempt to hide the angel you are inside you're not fooling me nor anyone who knows you. May the heavens open this year and spill out all the love, health, happiness and joy that an angel you are deserves. I love you mom for the man you have assisted me in becoming, for the heart I am blessed with having, for the ability to see in others their greatness and for the unconditional and unwavering love you have always given to me. I hope you know how honored I am to be your son. Happy Birthday and I Love You!
    November 25
  • Jack Whiteurs For example test
    March 5